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5 Best Sunset Hikes in Cape Town

Updated: Jul 11, 2023

There's a renowned Cape Town proverb that says: "You will know there's a great sunset in Cape Town as it is all over Instagram."

Philosophical thoughts aside, with the sun setting late in the evening and Table Mountain in the backyard, Cape Town certainly offers great opportunities for sunset hikes. Watching the sunset from a mountaintop is a special feeling and one of the best ways to bring the day to a close.

The ideal sunset hike however needs three ingredients; firstly, of course, it needs a peak or vantage point to watch the sun kiss the horizon. Secondly, it needs to short be enough so that you can hike back to the trailhead in the twilight (with the aid of a headlamp). Finally, it needs to be accompanied by good snacks and even better company.

We'll leave the last ingredient up to you, but here are our 5 best sunset hikes in Cape Town that will satisfy your hunger for the perfect trail sundowner in Cape Town:

  1. Little Lion's Head

  2. Kloof Corner

  3. Eagle's Nest

  4. Oppelskop

  5. Chapman's Peak

You may be wondering how a list like this doesn't include Lion's Head. Well, as great as it is, it is extremely popular and very busy. Part of our mission of Forge is to make the entire Table Mountain range more accessible, helping you explore more, beyond the popular go-to's.

PS: Always hike with a headlamp!

The top 5 best sunset hikes in Cape Town:

1. Little Lion's Head

Sunset from Little Lion's Head peak
Little Lion's Head is steep with some scrambling but offers spectacular 360* views.

Hike Little Lion's Head

Total Distance: 3.34 km

Time to top: 45 min

Elevation: 168 m Dog-friendly: Not recommended

Little Lion's Head Hiking Map

2. Kloof Corner

Hiker admiring the sunset from Kloof Corner.
After the notorious Lion's Head, Kloof Corner is one of the most popular sunset spots.

Hike Kloof Corner

Total Distance: 1.9 km

Time to top: 30 min

Elevation: 181 m Dog-friendly: Yes

Kloof Corner Hiking Map

3. Eagle's Nest

Mountain silhouettes at sunset in Cape Town.
Panoramic sunset views from Eagle's Nest.

Hike Eagle's Nest

Total Distance: 2 km

Time to top: 30 min

Elevation: 191 m Dog-friendly: Yes

Eagle's Nest Hiking Map

4. Oppelskop

Lion's Head mountain at sunset.
Dabbled sky on Tafelberg Road after hiking down from Oppelskop.

Hike Oppelskop

Total Distance: 4.63 km

Time to top: 1h45

Elevation: 463 m Dog-friendly: Yes

Oppelskop Hiking Map

5. Chapman's Peak

Hout Bay vista from Chapman's Peak.
Looking back towards Hout Bay en route to Chapman's Peak.

Hike Chapman's Peak

Total Distance: 5.18 km

Time to top: 1h15

Elevation: 388 m Dog-friendly: Yes

Chapman's Peak Hiking Map


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