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Forge App: iOS Compatibility Issues

Updated: Dec 29, 2021

Hey Forge fam 👋

A couple of people have contacted us saying that the newest version of the Forge App (1.4.14) on iOS does not work on their phones (normally iPhone 6).

Unfortunately, in order to build apps for iOS they need to be designed in line with iOS 13 standards (known as "iOS 13 SDK" or later) and upcoming software versions with several features in iOS 13 that the app needs to be developed towards. This means that iOS 12 does not support the features within the new version. Gradually as apps are developed and improved the older software versions cannot support these apps and they either cannot be updated or can be updated, but cease to function. The latter appears to be the case for the new version of the Forge app. iPhone 6 is the most recent model that cannot support iOS 13 and above as it has a very different chipset and CPU to iPhone 6s and newer. All in all, the process starts to render older iPhones as nothing more than a fancy torch or dummy phone.

We are trying to find a way to see if we can get at least an updated version to work on iOS 12. Since you cannot download older versions of the app, we encourage those with iPhone 6 or older not to download the latest version until we have found a workaround.

So far we have not received any reports for Android devices but please do get in touch with us with any issues or related.


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