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Welcome to Forge!

But what exactly is Forge? We have nothing to do with false statements or signatures, but rather we are all about forging ahead on the hiking, walking, trail running and mountain-biking trails our beautiful country has to offer.

View over Cape Town from the front of Table Mountain.
Find Your Path. Explore More.

We are about old classics, full moon hikes, sunset missions, Saturday rides, FKTs...if there is a path we are with you. Accurate, up-to-date, simple maps on an electronic device is the core of Forge. The app is backed up by a website where you can find useful info (like emergency contacts, chance of rain etc.) before you head out (when we grow up we want to be the go-to site for all the information you could possibly want before hitting the trail), explore to your hearts content, or find out specific details on the most popular and well-known routes.

There's a whole lot more. Since Forge is a community of outdoor, like-minded people, perhaps you want to share your favourite routes. You can submit them for all to enjoy. Found a mistake on an existing route? Save the next person by reporting the issue (with a smiley :) ).

But enough words for now. Download the app, available on Google Play and the App Store. Currently we only have the Cape Peninsula available (I mean only 1 300 km of trails) but there will be more rolled out soon. We are starting small and hoping to expand and forge many more paths. With more users and more interest we, with your help, can build an awesome tool for an awesome community. So spread the word, spread the gees and go out there and Find Your Path. Explore More. - The Forge engine room (3 guys and a jack russell)

That's us... trying to figure things out so that you don't have to.
That's us... trying to figure things out so that you don't have to.


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