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Geodyssey: South Africa's new interactive Geology app

Updated: May 6, 2022

South Africa has a rich, near-complete 3.6 billion yearlong geological heritage extending from the development of the earliest continents and lifeforms until present, with the origin of our own species. The country, and Western Cape particularly, has sites that are well-known for the dramatic landscapes they form and the human cultural experience they imbue. The geoheritage of South Africa is a source of immense national pride and identity.

A new free mobile app, Geodyssey, from the Geological Society of South Africa Western Cape Branch aims to make geology accessible, get people excited about the country's impressive geological heritage and boost geotourism.

Geodyssey puts the geology of South Africa in the palm of your hand, with interactive geological maps to give you an immersive experience of the rocks that build our country. Users can explore and visit important geosites that celebrate our deep time heritage including viewpoints, outcrops, mountain passes and more!

“Starting with the Western Cape, we will be looking to roll out individually curated interactive provincial geological maps with future updates,” says the team at the GSSA WC Branch behind the Geodyssey app.

The app is published by Forge and includes our extensive hiking trail network. This means you can add a new insightful element to your next hike by understanding the Geology around you.

Annotated image of the Chapman's Peak Drive.
Geodyssey includes useful annotated images to enhance your geological understanding. Pic: Supplied by Dr. Cameron Penn-Clarke

The Geodyssey app was made possible with the financial and scientific support of the 35th International Geological Congress Legacy Fund, the Geological Society of South Africa, the Geological Society of South Africa Western Cape Branch and the Western Cape geoscience community.

Download Geodyssey now for free on Google Play and Apple App Store as well as the GSSA Western Cape Branch website.


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