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Own a trail or nature reserve? Organise trail-based events? 
It's time to tap into the power of digital, app-based maps that are accurate and easy to use! 

Using ESRI maps - arguably the most powerful mapping platform in the world - we have the mapping and GIS solutions that you've been looking for:

Static Maps

Physical or soft-copy maps tailored to your specific needs from PDFs to paper maps and signboards.

from R1,250.00

Interactive Digital Trail Maps

Get your digital map, with the option to include Forge's hand-curated 5,000+ km trail network and 2,900 points of interest.

from R10,000.00

Map-based Mobile Applications

Publish a mobile app using the power of digital maps. Optionally, include Forge's hand-curated 5,000 km trail network and 2,900 points-of-interest.

from R75,000.00

Get featured on the Forge App

Forge currently hosts over 43 reserves across five provinces in South Africa. We are the digital mapping partner to CapeNature, which manages over 20 reserves in the Western Cape.

Let us work with you, to add your trails to a growing library on a
100% South African-built app downloaded by over 23 000 users. Get fully customisable reserve or event maps onto the app and enjoy all the benefits of the Forge App, including the tailored emergency call functionality.

from R2,000.00

Geographical Information Systems (GIS) Service

Capturing, creating, attributing and maintaining data, and updating attributes.

from R500.00

Data Leasing

Lease Forge trails and points of interest (POI) for your own map. Pricing is based on a per unit (kilometer and POI respectively) basis.

from R10.00

Advertise on Forge

Sponsor the Forge App or get your business its very own POI embedded in a Forge Map that is accessed on the app and across the web.

from R1,200.00

Get in touch with us about these digital mapping and map-based app solutions at to take your maps to the next level. NPO rates are available on request.


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