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A new must-do trail in Cape Town: The Noordhoek Panorama Circuit

Updated: Jul 10, 2023

As part of the Vision 2030 efforts to promote walking and hiking in and around Noordhoek, Noordhoek Ratepayers Association (NRPA) has teamed up with us to publish a host of local footpaths (not previously on the app), including the flagship trail for the area: the "Noordhoek Panorama Circuit".

Noordhoek Valley seen from Silvermine.
Take in all the splendour of the Noordhoek Panorama Circuit.

The Circuit takes you all the way around the Noordhoek valley on a 21.26 km trail with over 1 125 m of elevation gain. The route treats you to all the best vistas that the ridgelines and peaks of Noordhoek have to offer, with endless 360° views from Hout Bay to False Bay and beyond. More leisurely strolls around the beautiful village of Noordhoek (semi-transparent in this map) can be found in the Table National Park map on the app.

This is our 34th addition to our library of curated route maps from around Cape Town. The Noordhoek Panorama Circut map is packaged with all the useful information you've come to expect from Forge, including; distance, elevation, duration, difficulty, and suitability for dog-walking and trail running. And boy, is this route suitable for trail-running!

We were delighted to be approached by the NRPA to help showcase their local trails. This is exactly the kind of small-scale, local tourism partnership we aim to establish using our digital platform to make the outdoors more accessible. We look forward to working with the NRPA and establishing more relationships with other communities that care deeply about local travel and green tourism.

Find the map on the Forge app under 'Speciality Maps' > 'Table Mountain Routes'


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