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Forge was born out the lack of a centralised home to turn to for finding hiking trails and mountain biking routes and associated useful information for areas around us. In addition to this, there was no technological solution available to find activities easily or navigate once on the trails.


One of our aims is to provide high quality, reliable and accurate spatial and supporting information but also to act as a catalyst for the development of a better-informed, aware and adventurous outdoor community. For the team, Forge is lifestyle, but one which is shared by a community of like-minded individuals and at the end of the day when you use our maps, read our blogs or view our photos we want you to feel that "I am Forge".

What's happening at the

FORGE 🧭🇿🇦 Strava Club

Strava and Forge share the same ethos of encouraging you to get off the couch and hit the ground running. We will host competitions and events primarily via Strava.

Stay tuned!

FORGE 🧭🇿🇦 Strava Club
Trail Journal

The latest from the

Every great trail has a story behind it.

Our Trail Journal is home to notes and updates from our adventures gone and info on those yet to come.

Have a story you want to tell? Share it with us.

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