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Route Highlighter: Following your favorite routes just got easier

Navigating along your desired route gives you more time to admire the view rather than worry that you're going in the right direction.

Highlight set routes in Forge maps.

Not everyone sees a map, points themselves in a direction and thinks "let's see where this takes us." Some prefer a set route, with a defined start and end. Routes are laid out around a range of different experiences and features of the location. These could be to waterfalls, along a beautiful river, to a certain peak or to a place with incredible scenery and views. Often it could be a combination of these. Each reserve typically has a handful of different routes to choose from. Most will offer a number of different options in terms of difficulty, elevation gain and estimated walking time. Now you can find and navigate along your desired route with confidence simply by highlighting it in Forge maps.

A signboard showing different hiking trail options
An example of different set route options at Limietberg Nature Reserve.

We've started incorporating layers of the most popular routes per reserve in each Forge map. Included with it are the total distance and estimated duration. For example, take the popular Palmiet River Trail at Kogelberg Nature Reserve. In the layers tab, you will find "Palmiet River Trail (10km | 3hrs)". The route will be highlighted in bright blue when selected in the layers panel:

This feature is being rolled out across each reserve map in our maps library and is already available on select maps. Once you've used the set routes option, let us know your experience of it by getting in touch with us at

The glorious Palmiet River at Kogelberg Nature Reserve.


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